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Garcross collaborate with designers, architects and building contractors to produce bespoke metalwork for a variety of architectural applications. Increasingly clients want to put their own stamp on projects and laser cutting has become a key method of producing complex and aesthetically pleasing metal shapes. Whether for functionality or ornamental enhancements, components are readily and economically produced using our high performance systems. We work with a variety of metals and with our complete fabricating services we can help with all your projects.

Many buildings and structures rely on curved metal beams, pipes, tubes and angles to hold up huge sweeping stadium roofs and to shape spiral staircases and park benches. The latest investment in bending and rolling equipment now means that we are able to manufacture many of these items.

If you have a design profile but are unsure as how best to realise it, feel free to call us now on 0113 271 4230 and we will be happy to discuss the scope of possibilities.


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